Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas fun and goodbye to Abu Dhabi

We had a week in Abu Dhabi, between returning from Sydney and leaving for Doha. It was a lot of fun with Christmas parties and getting together with friends. It was hard to say goodbye, but we have many happy memories to take with us, of our year in Abu Dhabi, and friendships that will still go on.

Visiting the Nursery

Nursery graduates

Four of our Nursery group graduate to Sunbeams at the end of this year. The Nursery leaders are happy to see how they have progressed and are ready for the transition. Working in the Nursery has been so rewarding. Don and I will both miss the children. Don visited every week to have a chat with the children.

Pre-Christmas Visit to Sydney

We loved having a visit to Sydney in December. We got to enjoy some great family times as well as celebrate Christmas a bit in advance.

Christmas before Christmas

Although we will not be in Christmas at Sydney, it was great to experience the Christmas spirit and the fun the children have with the pre-Christmas activities. The train and track around the Christmas tree attracts them like a magnet.


Glen and Jared made a surprize visit to Sydney, arriving the day before Don. It was a lovely surprize for him.

Boys will be boys

The boy cousins had lots of fun creating a dirt race track in what used to be Sally's vegetable garden.

Making the most of being a grandparent

Poppy misses the grandchildren cuddles so he made sure he got lots in Sydney. Joshua shares them willingly.

Two beautiful girls sharing a moment

Hayley and Ava sharing a cuddle. Two beautiful girls.