Saturday, October 23, 2010

Family Memories of 2010

It is hard to be away from our wonderful family. I have tried to record the special experiences and memories of our visits back home in the blogging I do.

Trip to Australia - September 2010

We crossed from the east coast to the west coast on our visit back to Australia, enjoying Australian bushland and beaches. We miss our beautiful country. But most of all we miss our family and grandchildren. Good memories to blog and remember.

The weather was warm enough in September for the boys to take a dip.

Ashton is learning to fish, that fishing rod is hard for a little fella to handle.

Hyrum is already a fisherman at 6 yrs old, thanks to the careful tutoring of his Dad.


Spectacular sky in Canberra before the rain fell.

The Floriade Display at Canberra

These flowers were so beautiful - beyond description.

Four Generations

Jacob's Baptism - Sept 18, 2010