Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day trip to the museum and camel racetrack

The expat women's group I belong to, organized a day trip to the Sheik Faisal Museum which was kind of out in the desert, but very interesting (pictured). We saw the Sheik's Arabian horses and then went to the camel racetrack. I am planning to take Don to see the camel races, which take place earlier in the day. We saw the camels training, but it would be fun to see them race.

Camel racetrack

Training for the camel races

We rode in our bus alongside the camels racing, so the picture is a little blurry. If you look on their backs, you will see the robot jockeys attached.

The robot jockey

LLearned today that they no longer use human jockeys for camel races. These are little robots that smack the camel with a rod when attached and turned on. They came up with this after they were no longer allowed to use children to ride the camels.

The camel trainer