Sunday, May 8, 2011

A good man

One month today since I arrived back in Doha after my trip to Perth. And believe it or not, I am booked to fly out again in 10 days time, back to Australia. This dear man has encouraged me to go earlier than planned to visit my terminally ill sister. His sacrifice is great as he manages his busy life without me, doing laundry, shopping and putting up with frozen dinners for weeks on end. He says they're pretty good, I always cook for him before I go. I appreciate him so much!

The Royal Wedding

Nothing like a royal wedding to give us a diversion from the civil wars in Libya and Syria, and the unrest throughout the Middle East. It was the stuff of fairy tales and couldn't have made a more perfect story for all of us who are William and Kate fans. Here's hoping that one day we will see them as King and Queen of the Commonwealth of which Australia is a part.

Mother's Day

If you can't be with your family for Mother's Day, then find a group of friends who are also missing their kids and grandkids or their mothers, and go out for a nice lunch. Combine that with some phone calls from the kids and dinner out with hubby, and it makes for a pretty good Mother's Day. Well, at least a passable one. This is my third Mother's Day in the Middle East and it is getting hard to remember past that, to how it used to be.