Monday, May 24, 2010

What's happening downtown

The city is constantly changing with all the new buildings under construction. I don't often go to the site where Don's project is underway. I was surprized to see what is happening there when I was there last week. This is the block oposite to where the Barwa Financial District project is going into construction. It takes up a whole city block. Excavation and piling is completed and the foundations are starting to come out of the ground. Got a few pics which show the progress.

The project Don is working on is now into construction. The construction goes around the clock, right through the night.

On the job

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fanar Islamic Cutural Centre Tour - Doha

A group from the Expat Women's Club booked a tour of the Islamic Cultural Centre. We were required to wear the Abaya to enter the mosque, as part of the tour. These two ladies called "Fatima" and "Fatima" conducted the tour. They graciously answered our questions about Islam and their culture, and many things pertaining to women here, which we were very interested in.
It was a unique opportunity to talk to local women and after an hour and a half, it was a relaxed and friendly group. Surprisingly, the two Fatimas agreed to be photographed with us, very unusual.

Weekend in Bahrain

We hit Bahrain in the middle of a desert sandstorm which lasted into the next day. So my pictures are not too great. Our friends Imee and Leo kindly took us to the lookout on the border of Saudi Arabia. They said on a clear day you can see buildings in Saudi Arabia. We did get to see the causeway stretching away into Saudi Arabia. It is a very strict Muslim country and the residents come into Bahrain for some recreation where life is much more liberal. You can hardly tell that Bahrain is a Muslim country, it is surprisingly liberal.

Beautiful Quilts

Our 12 week quilting class produced some beautiful quilts, thanks to our teacher, Wendy.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We give such a good tour of Doha to visitors, they go away loving it!

Here we are well into May, and just over two weeks until we go on our travels again. We got to do the tourist thing in Doha this past weekend when friends visited from Abu Dhabi. Don is getting his video camera techniques ready for the trip. Interesting to see Doha through the eyes of someone who doesn't live here. Our friends thought it was great. I suppose the city is pretty nice when you drive along the waterfront and see all the new buildings.