Sunday, April 17, 2011

Progress on the Project

The Barwa Financial District, the project Don is working on, is making progress. I visited the site recently and was surprised to see how many of the buildings are out of the foundation stage. This was a changeover of shift, with thousands of workers coming and going on the site. And just look at all those cranes! The project has two years or so until completion, keeping Don employed here for awhile.
Taken at Stake Conference on April 15, 2011. Don's new Stake responsibility will keep us busy in the Middle East for another couple of years.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Perth, Western Australia.

Kings Park is on a hill overlooking the Swan River. Lovely views of the city and river. I always love the gum trees and the colour of the sky when I visit Australia. I am posting some pictures from my recent trip to Perth for the birth of Sarah and Sam's baby boy, Julian. Lovely time.

We had plenty of trips to the beach, with the temperatures in the 30's for the whole time I was in Perth. When I left on April 7, the temperature plummeted to 23 degrees, I took the hot weather back to the desert with me. Perth had more than 60 consecutive days with temperatures in the 30's, a weather record!
Ashton and Hyrum enjoyed Gran's visit I think. Lots of trips to the park and playing.


Inroducing the first of the new babies in our family in 2011. Baby Julian.

Big Brothers

Ashton adores his little brother, both of the boys do.

In the first week after Julian was born, we took a little trip to the beach. Hyrum had an accident when he slipped on rocks. It required a trip to the hospital, a general anaesthetic and some stitches to the cuts.

Julian Don Joseph Birks

Julian arrived on March 20, 2011, born in Perth, Western Australia. What a beautiful boy.
I am enjoying being a Grandma again, even if it is a long distance one. I am grateful I can travel to Australia for these special family events.
Baby Julian kicked off the year with 3 babies due in 2011. Hayley and Justin are next in May and Nichole and Glen in July.